Sunday, 1 April 2007

wreake for at least 6 hours

phil does hip hop blog poses

early morning team pic

callum was wearing a tea towle

clark attempted nose blunts

how many attempts now ??

it was like final destination


fucking gay u can see clark still tryin nose blunts

callum has been practising swissy 5050

his mum picked him up

went shop

come to wreake and meet phil

thumbs up for science

spt came down nollie 5-0 shuv

phil looked stoked to be filming spt

over it

callum came back and clark was still tryin nose blunts

phil is well asian

he gave up on nose blunts

we got sick of wreake

team pic

aldi curb sesh went down theres an edit sum where go find it

had to go

bus home was shit

to see my day from phils point of view check
if hes dun it ??

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