Sunday, 27 April 2008


phil had new nlt badges for us all

where else would we stop off

you know your in stoke when you see these gay arty bridges


we had a bare mob

josh was stoked

we stayed until it got dark


this subway is crazy it was an old petorl station

CRASH! clark hit a pillar in subway

it could of been worse

on the road again

Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Best Nose Slide's You Will Ever See

Ben picked me up

his hamster stores a stupid amount of food in its cheaks

He has a massive sword

I could of watched this all day

Clark picked us up and drove us to milton keynes

Bus stop plaza

The bus stop got a bit borin so we went on a street mish

the it rained

so we consumed Big Macs!

then krispy kreme dounuts

me and ben went all my spacey

oh shaz

We checked are myspaces in the apple shop

The lego shop is the best thing ever

we went to the bus stop again to let it dry then me n ben went on a mish this manny pad was rediculus

the best two nose slides ever

Brown rail

we also found other famous spots

the weather home was horrible

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Fuck Hail

I consume a lot of big macs there proper addictive

because of the nice weather we thought we would go broughton

but then the hail started

it was horrible

it started to dry so we skated here for about 5 mins then it hailed again

so we went to good old maccers


by this time it was dry so we went brockington

ben drove us home

this was ment to show mats dont do it sticker

matts uni apartment is the best he has a wall of boobs