Tuesday, 27 February 2007

jus a day at college

morning joe

hey u pair

safe random old man

sup ??

hey tot

matt? achoooo

steph looks amused in the background

jade has well straight fingers

cheers for driving us cheef. props to joe for takin this pic

tired jade ?

mmmm toast

matt dint no i took this pic

i dont like lifts so i dint go in

hey tony

mornin sarah

ginge pretended to do work

me n sarah went subway but sarah jus ate packed lunch

i droped most of my sub

there are proper crazy people at my college

yes soph

joe got jumped ollie dint realalise

oh he did realise in the end

aww vicky haha i cut ollie off

shes evil really

everybody in

yea im a bad teacher

pez wernt feelin ma teching

joe had well good ideas

the bus home went on foreva

haha we dint let ginge off at his stop

then i went home and thats bout it laters

Sunday, 25 February 2007

The Number 23

met the lads at penny

decided to walk to the cinemas

curts well safisticated now days


anil was jus walkin in the middle of the road

i felt well emo takin this photo

yes russ


russ has such a melon head i couldnt get it all in
one photo


leicester for life

for fuck sake raaasal
met nikki there
and nell
curt was living the dream of being black
phil turned up blazeing his new tat

the race went down

russ won

mike dint haha

mike vs anil

dance mat??

soz will

mike lost again what a twat

got tickets to see the number 23

aint no G

john turned up half way through the film n dint
even pay what a nutter

soz lads

russel has well red cheeks

we were well freaked by every 23 we saw

laters lads