Sunday, 27 May 2007

harry's last day and Doghouse edit

i went doghouse josh was there in the trainers i want

even tho its his last day he still works as hard as ever

dan and waldy came

josh did bonlesses

safe waldy

me holding a sign i made for my old doghouse part wich is like last year

we started filmin for a day edit tuck steez

we all went laters harry

heres the edit.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

jon1 and saphs 17th

pre party food

we arrived fashonably late an met moose

sup amar

yes jon happy birthday man

come to the carphone wear house

yes nathan

russell is such a bully victim

will and bubble

will and porn

yazmin and new friend cherrell (doubt u spell it like that)


everyone in

happy 17 jon n saph

jon was fucked

out side to chill

men are the new women


fuck nicotine

there must of been 5 people on the bed

until gavin tipped it over


sum argument broke out

it was like peterpan

out of it

and tom

does this need a caption?

laters lew

me n jay slept round wills