Friday, 6 April 2007

walking to kington and back takes three hours each way

met greg at broom it was shit so we went town

these pair stalked greg


there was i bbq at quay after ther i went home had dinner n met greg in town

we worked out if we followed the busstops with the number 49 it wud take us to where we wanted to go

walkin takes the piss

went morrisons for pre party food

this bench looks well skateable

we finaly got to knighton

we got there suprisingly early so went to the park

greg was stoked on this pic

it was like that game on takeshis castle

yea toad

finally got to the party

there was like no alcohol so j20s all the way


pure swaped jackets

sewb turned up doubt u spell his name like that

the girls are only 15

this was last photo i took cus my cam broke but i fixed it now me n greg walked to my house took 3 hours n went sleep

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