Saturday, 31 March 2007

the blog with them photos of ella well 2

mike came round as usual

round wills

russles smoking face

pure beers round wills

agressive head shaking

left wills to go charlotte

greg dint let me down

the first photo wich started the war

wen i took this photo i dint even no them i kind of no one
of them now

brydee was happy to see us

theres a photo of me on ellas phone i think ella won the war

we must of been there ten minuets but louie jus thought fuck it


i take to many pictures that look like these


gwen was hasselin me about this pic all night

lanky george was doing a gig upstairs

its like a scream mask

jon1 was late as usual

i do actually need to stop takin photos like this

pom is gonna be pissed abotu this pic

show em how to dane rem

remy amy and erm .. im sure remy will let me know

eve is more manly than russell

went out side with greg and met tansie then me n greg nearly
got ran over.

i went home

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