Saturday, 30 June 2007

sheds blackouts and fighting

me mike jon1 joe n moose went to meet every one at shed

whisky break

jon1 shud be in the matrix

callum was there but he dint wanna cum in

will couldnt be botherd to go to the bar twice

ranj is pure happy to be at shed

grace was well happy cus i got a pic of her pony tail

ellie was happy

remy mate lay off the vodka

maisy said this is her face was fat in this pic

the partyin began

i hit my head in the mosh pit n woke up outside

ollie can sleep standin up

kerrie loved this pic if that is her name


out of it

tilly cudnt hack the LE3 chanting

willy n tilly

corey n i dont no
Grace: "let me take this picture of daryl n sam"

fight fight fight

we left to go subway

wen we were walkin home we met sum religous guy

went wills house n watched lee evans

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Fantastic 4

mike called for me

toms just passed his test so hes the new taxi now

tom took us to see fantastic 4 2

safe jon1

the food in the cinema is well exspensive

so we went morrisons

jon simpsos with the simpsons

mikes turn

it jus wernt as funny now

we had to let tom have a go we

thubs up for fantastic for it was ok
i didnt want to take pictures in the cinema incase i got dun for piracey or sumat

after this we went for a drive

we saw cozza and will they were pretty fucked

but az was completly fucked

and we saw starla

we thought we were gangster

"bye guys"

laters mike

i think tom wanted me to ring him or sumthing