Saturday, 14 April 2007

laurens 21st

this man was outside the kebab shop jus playin the same song all day

on the way we had to go to miss pats so she could follow us

my little brother eats like a slob

remy id be scared as well

kirsty cheese

alex got her grove on well tried

lauren well loved this party

alex has a key round her neck like one of those geeks at school who have keys on shoe laces cus they are scared to lose them

miss pat was cold so she put my jacket on

does it need a caption?

told you i would get one of her

i dont no wich is funnier mollys face or rias

we had to go early cus my sisters where tired

went home

my sister was well out of it

i got home n my cat was just weeing on the grass

watched sum tv n went sleep

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