Monday, 22 September 2008

Old And New

An Edit I made our of BOREDOM!
With old and new footage

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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Jungle Club Curry

jaz is on the cover of a famous mag

I met these to scallys

and Jay

by the time anil had came to pick us up it had gone dark

we met everyone else at good old penny

hes leavin to loughbrough soon

me luke and jay had to get a taxi there

everyone cept Anil


There Food didnt take long to come

hot mike?

russel like to play dead arms

Main meal arrived

everyone had curry sweats

not me though cus im a pussy and had korma

Sweaty much?

The money got sorted £66 to feed 8 of us thats cheap

Flaming sambuca

Jon spilt his everywhere

and it was still on fire(but u can barley see it)

this guy was a legend

classic pool photos

night finished!

cya later lads

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Carls House Get Together

Will is now a Guitar Hero

I was gutted I had no credit


The Regular faces where there

Safe Lewis

Lewis and dani

Chris with food

mmmm looks nice

Chirs And a Bitch



Heavy Fucking Metal


Moose is well into drugs nowadays

We went for the world record

but ran out of pegs


sweaty russel

It doesnt fit

We made it fit

Before the match

Luke was winning

Chris was coming back

but luke was the winner


i dont even know

pile on Anil

Will Getting hit with a baseball batt

Heres luke getting hit over the head

What The Fuck?