Sunday, 29 April 2007

shit slip

mike knocked round bandanners are rad

we walked to meet everyone else

we met jon first

then all the lads at penny

amar is like sum 70s discoer

we were waiting for sumo to open n tot came down to say hi

group pic


tez walked past hes well "gangster"

after the agonising wait we went to go in sumo n they changed the night from a 16 plus night to an 18 over and russ dint get in

he got beat up for lookin 12

so we went marios for food

after food intense arm wrestling

afro comb


after marios we decided to hang around like chavs

we ended up at kingys

it was like cribs

me mike n jon left kingys

on the way home mike was runnin n full on slipped in shit like fell over

joni found it well funny

it was rank!!!

and it smelt

went home!

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