Sunday, 25 March 2007

you can tell summers not far

proper nice day

met will at peble beach

and jay

we walked for a bit and found kirsty ria n mike


we walked

to no where


this area is well posh


we found this well posh park

ria and kirsty got it on

pure romantic


ladie like ria

we found a tennis ball and used are shoes a rackets

mike carnt catch for shit

what a racist scare crow

scene and romance

we decided to walk home and we found these horses so
will fed one

walking takes the piss

hikeing stick

walking really takes the piss

speaks for itself

1 comment:

Remyyy said...

hehehe!:) awww i loved looking at this! It looks like you had a well fun day! I reallyyy like all the pictures loooks like you had a really fun day x