Saturday, 10 March 2007

beer theft and drain pipe climbing

met mike n tom on the corner of my street

yes moose

went will everyone was there killin it

coz got stuffed like wanna them wot hog fings that rich twats eat

will can break apples on his head


g unit...

beer and will = safistication

yes jay

look at mikes face after he got punched

i cought that pic at perfect time


left will house went shop safe suresh

gav loves cozzas jumper

walking to half time orange takes the piss

we got bored so will did a snatch n run

n got a bag of crisps he dont even like

it takes to long

everyone in

will thought he was well high up

until gav showed him how it was dun

we got there finaly and met tot missy n soph

tots said this is her sexy face

billy knox and anil fuckin legends

greg n danny jus chillin

tot im not impressed


haha tot has odd coloured eyes

mike looks like hes havin fun

jay jus smokin wen it clearly says no smokin at bar .. nutter

yea good times

tot loz n fern i fink :S

curt is well hip hop

got a taxi home with mike n went sleep

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