Monday, 5 March 2007

humbo is always wet

met ben in town n we got the train to humbo

thoses seats look well like bellends

when we was on the bus it started to rain like a bastard

humbo was soaked but was kinda dryin

sum lil twats must well bum bam

ben well loves the wet...?

we went subay to let humbo dry

this wine gum has been in bens bag since he moved from
ipswitch to lesta that was like last summer

humbo was kinda dry so we decided to skate it

tweak humbo quarter

flip humbo quater gap

over it

after humbo we went tk maxx then went to broom

went broom and ma king pin snaped so dave fixed it
within seconds cheers dave

broom broom

this melon goes out to phil

bens stoked on the melon

chuck norris style

ben got a lippy down the hubba sick guy

we got knackerd so we left broom n went home

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