Saturday, 9 February 2008

Stoke Mate!

i watched black out to get pumped to skate stoke

this was funny at the time

ipswich brought us lots of food and drinks

we got well lost in stoke so we had to ask about 50 people

stoke bitch!

its massive

the skate paths arent that great

and neither are the bowls

but the park is fuckin dope

me and ben had oat cakes

there well nice

after lunch we started filmin and got all dirty mad shit went down there will be an edit soon but my comps bein re-paired so it may take a while

after getting hurt and the camera dying it was time to leave

bye stoke plaza

skating back to the car

while skating to the car i fell and hit my head

we went mackers

clark loves his funny poses

my head fuckin well hurt

driving home time

bye ben

when i got home my comp broke again so i ran a bath it was the best thing ever

my lump is actually getting bigger

edit will be soon!

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