Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Dandelions

i met these scalies

heroin love

will brought a rose for abbie

he told me sum story about sum man who stoh a rose down his shaft

sam brought mike a £40 meal it was vegitarian tho

the first person i met there was mel he was stoked

these guys covered the prodigy it was shit

fag break

i havent seen jonny for ages

sum girl put my hair in a pony tail

chappers and mell

its always good to see mel and the boys

i met these to losers

we went maccyDs even tho darcys a veggie but eats nuggets


drunk much?

mel was sick every where i love mel

me and jon wen moshin when The Dandelions

me and gav had a break from the mosh

this girl was called grace or sum shit


Lottie:i know you, you where at jams party oh and skins

the aftermath

3 2 1 JUMP!

i went back will his sister was listening to jive bunny

went sleep!

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