Monday, 25 February 2008

London Again!!

We soon found out its not cheaper to get train tickets from Market Harbourgh

The tickets for the tube was the worst

we met phil and basi

and matt we got kicked out of here straight the way

Big 3

over it

basi fucked his ankle

The gate to get in and out of is a beast

this must of well hurt phil

pub stop

phil made sum arty edit on this bench

random banches

back to the flat for food and drinks

i dont even no how ben did this and took a photo


basi just abuses my camera

Next day

ben woke basi up with this

i left my camera at the flat and basi had left me lots of nice photos of his gerth

oh basi

the worst chairs ever

the train home took soo long

so i took gay arty photos like this

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