Thursday, 21 February 2008

London with the Quay

clark doesnt like my house hes scared of my sisters

we met dwane beaver

and john

the shit you see on the motorway now is crazy

we parked at sum castel

beaver had never been london to skate

cream cheese bagel

we left the quay lot to go clarks dads

we met marlon and his mate and went out for food


cantaloes is shit

this guy made our bus journy

his name was Nigel (Nigel Likes Truth)

salty dawg

basi sat in sick


clarks dads shop is well good

scenic beaver

diving board benches

back at basi's flat tech decking went down

and guitar hero

and 50 chicken wings

the student bar is shit

BIGGA i am jamaican

sum girls came round

the next day

we went to blackfiars ledges


dwane couldnt climp through the hole

emo ian

the tube back was fucked

me and john got left behind

it took us about an hour to find the right bus


(soz this took ages had to get my new comp up and running)

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