Sunday, 21 October 2007


clark had snapped both laces

paige was going london as well

bet the people who made this had a right laugh

clarks mums friend drove us there

still in the out skirts


first was south bank but we left cus of the london rats

got kicked of instantly

after euston we went liverpool street then clarks dad shop it was well good

we got lost in canary warf

i got dark well fast not even the sunlight lorry helped

kicked off westminister

tourist shot


this thing was well scary the main road was on the other side

south bank again it was good this time

this guy was well anoyed that there was only alittle bit of south bank left and he used to ride for sum shop. he also told us he was the first person to do an old school backside 360 kickflip

smithy nollies that hubba its just insane

golden arches

we went to sum village to meet clarks aunt

but we skates this ledge instead it was well good
i fell sleep on the way home

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