Saturday, 13 October 2007

Fridays at college are shit

ewan was well hungover

its never to early to take photos

college it takes an hour on the bus

joe brought annie a gift

every friday me and annie buy biscuits and hot choclate

harry arived

wen went into town n saw steve-o and gothic aaron

joe had been payed today so he brought bare shit

photography legend stephen gill!

pervert shot

up skirt shot

harry had this usb humping dog it just humped for hours


where else would we go for dinner

these bastards cost me £2

stephen gill let me watch new blood on the big screen

mincer played sum singing game

sarah lowen!

know one ever plays on this game thing we just crack the code n leave rude messages

tim picture 1

tim picture 2

quick dont let annie sit down

me n joe missed the first bus and had to get the later one was soo shit

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