Saturday, 28 June 2008


Sorry this took so long ive had shit loads of college work and other things

Ben came to mine so we walked to sophbeck

i hadnt seen jon in a few months

me n callun where worried about leaving incase they asked us for id when we came back in

london and ipswich unite

D.P and Devil horns

Mr reid and ella came

Sidewalk.P.T was stoked


these tickets got you free drinks

at first me and ben where scared to enter the pole dance room but then we soon discoverd its what are lives had been missing

spt and zarred

by this time jon had about 6 lap dances


Devil horns?

callun and his missus

werent ready



fuck yeaah!

Does size matter?


another set of bens

on the way back we found a pound each

so we spent it on burgers

i got bare free shit

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