Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Butlins 08!

all this had to fit in the car

the weather was pretty gloomy


we went to a masive log park

we saw some of our lot in the dome

after hours of queing we where finally aloud in our rooms

hey remy

i was ready to go out so i took a scene photo to go on my myspace

fast food!

reds is the place to be

on saturday the weather looked a bit better

is that the sun?

nope the rain came out again

so we went to the indoor pool

after we went to a bar called the sun and moon or something

i dont even know

later at reds i won three teddys on the grabber in one go my sisters thought i was some sort of hero

then out of knowhere


C-H-I-C-O at the D-I-S-C-O

finally the sun came out

look how summery I am

gay hand! the out door pool is freezing

we had to get ready for the parade

Miss PATS!

the show went on for hours ann olivers troop filled the stage and dancers that changed there costume ten times in the space of five minuets but i still wasnt impresses

water fight was epic

the amount of tickets we won was stupid

reds again kathie knox was throwing shapes

Next day we had to be out are rooms by ten

we went to the fair

and then swimming

then home.

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