Thursday, 1 November 2007

College Halloween Party

we gave ourselves tasks

1 task down the unflushable shit

we started drinking at like half 3

where else would we go for dinner

costumes kill it

task kiss a ginger girl

we met matt west

task moon a window

on the way matt cracked us up

fred jess and other

task steel items of other people costumes

nathan was out of it

oh tot

task kiss with mustache on

mustache task

task ern 10 pounds

task start a konga

swap a chewy

go toilet in the girls

the dj would randomly sing and add little comments


fred and jess

matt west

hi 5 somone small

hi 5

skank/keg somone

we skanked sandy and he pissed himself

sam and sam

nate dog kills it

luke cracked me up

find the crying girl

joe got searched for green NO JOKE

put some cloths on love

photo with a randomer

steal somones sock

sock dancing

leave a green mark on somones face

nat rolled in glass me n joe thought we could see her bone but it was just skin pushed back

the bouncers made us leave at this point

after math


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