Sunday, 9 September 2007

Starla's Party

met everyone

russ was already fucked

starla didnt know what she was lettin her self in for

the garden smelt of shit

hayley was happy to see me

high view

starlas house even had slaves

the whole of the year 11 basket ball team

chirs arrived

such a twat

more booze came

you cant hear the sea for shit


in the smelly garden

this dog was more fucked than anyone

slow dance

lewis head butted a pin it stuck in his skull

tom pissed himself

will went to see what starla and russel were up to

but it was jonny and starla havin a private talk

me n jay met theses on the way to spar

mike was gonna have a three sum but
everyone burst in

scott was on the shots

we said are goodbyes

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