Friday, 21 September 2007

Nikkis 18th

went will house n watched this is england

wills house is probs the best meet up spot ever

the african guy on the coner was fucked

we got to the blackbird pub after a half an hour walk there was people there i hadnt seen since year 11

suprise nikki

safe curt for organising it

mike and the birthday girl

me and will only came for the food

the girls

jay and the mitchel brothers

will was tellin ollie how he got with his sister

the lads

nikki in her year 9 days

sham and his misses

congrats to phil soon to be dad

jon was lovin it

pool killed it

curt was gettin his brother drunk


course me n will took advantge of the food

ranj was tryin it on with the bar made

she was tellin us how big jonnys dick was

happy birthday to you


curt and his dad hes well safe

amar was late as usual

we said are goodbyes

then mike said his

the rain was the worst walking back

we got fucking soaked

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