Tuesday, 5 December 2006


we had to go Nottingham for
photography joe was stoked
so was pez
we ha d to go to this college to look at are photography
teaches work but the college ended up giving us a tour
to show how much are college is shiter than theres

our teachers work


we had to go to the city center to
shop eat and take some photos
sarah is well camera shy
that poster is well creepy yet effective ?
look at that guys socks

we all had mc donalds i didnt im healthy but
look what sarah got it looks sick aand not in a
good way.

this is a pic off the top of the castle

joe was stoked to be on top of a castle

sarah taking some photos on an SLR


this photo is well arty

on the way back
joe blogged me with an SLR

it said only 14 people can sit down but there
was 16 seats

little chris was bored on the way back

sarah came out of her shell

to end the blog an over turned lorrey but the
photo turned out shit

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