Sunday, 18 June 2006

Year 11 leaving party

we all met at kunals house his mum didnt no how to work
my cam silly turd.

we got there and tez had already pulled

tom came late he was so stoked he went all read eye
and shit

kunal came in a merc but the bloke must of been smoking
dope cus kunal was stoned

nell looked super posh

will was mad stoked

eric and levi are poseing well levi is

curt did some rappin with tez n his bro n sum other guy
every one loved em for it

after the rappin every one started dancing well i did

mr rai couldnt dance so he did karate

every one was dancing

mr leaf was out his face he and he got his grove the
mans mad

the dancing got out of had and we sacraficed curt

after the mad dancing every one chilled and had j2o's

nads was chillin

jobba got a gun to soaib but soaib seen the funny side

but miss price came and saved him

even nikki wanted a pice of soaib

every one started to dance again

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