Monday, 8 March 2010

Mum dropped me n ben off at the services

Tim picked us up n we got in this massive que

Piss stop

after a long couple of hours we arrived

This is what i had to spend the next few days in

Next day the stand was set up


Ant Smith showed up

and so did a greasy Matt Clarke

at the stand

SPT showed up

Some shit drum and base tent

was so shit n full of topless chavs

Fuck Yeah!

i stole sum kids board

Relentless tent was alright

Moring toilet

Me n Ben was working on the stand today

Reppin Ledge

I gave ben my cam when i went to the toilet n came back to these photos



Sum vert skater

Ben is fuckin sick

Cundal n daz

Zorlac and Becky

Before the girls comp sum people had a sesh on that

Check out the melons on that

I think its Matt Clarkes


Soo greasy

so shit and full of topless chavs

that night my tent was fuckin soaked

The last day n it was fuckin sunny


Pretty sure that was a make

The Skate finals went down

Food break

Back in time to see raymers kill it

Steak melonin the GOLIATH

We had to pack away the stand

Took soo long

Look at the mess we left


Just in time for tim to get his snarling panther out

Drive home

Jurassic Park

Bens dad picked us up from here but i was to ill to take photos

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