Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Curts 18th!!

We arrived at curts well early he wasnt even dressed

Happy birthday man!

after watchin AXEfactor clips on youtube people started to arrive

Tropical larger?

Phil and Natedog

All us guys care about are our guns

will was coverd in cylacone

yes boss

baby tyler

Mine and wills epic battle

oh so thats what the cylacone was for

i pretty much ate all of the sweets

Group pic

Get Ya guns out lads

Weed At the Back of the garden

Mike and Curts free style went down

mike obviously won

Amar Took this himself

8mile 2?

Gay i lost

Black Tongue

Phils Massive Head

Guns Out Lads

Everyone in

Luke Redpath - "im not a cunt no more!"


I Dont think my blog could get any gayer

Home time

But mike cut his foot open so jay ran to get his car

Drive to the hospital

Look at are fantastic badage

Waiting for an X-ray

2 hours and 9 stitches later

home time!

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