Monday, 5 May 2008

Sophs 18th

I met Joe at his work

Annie had booked us a taxi

when we go to the place where we were bein picked up it pissed it down

me n kirah ran to the back of the coach n left everyone else

such a poser

I hadnt seen geo since she left college n this is how she greets me

Happy 18th soph

The melton dancers and luke

joe didnt want to que twice


kirah made me have double vodkas i ended up having four they where horrible

Joe has a ginger beard

haha missy

these two have well loads of pics POSERS!

get a room

luke was being sick this girl wouldnt let me take a picture i dont think she likes having fun

She soon broke my glasses

Zoe was out of it then started being sick

I did the good thing and tried to comfort her

Adam is well tall

this guy asked alex for her number she said NO

we left and i got a taxi home

when i got home i had cookie crisp it was well good

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