Monday, 10 December 2007

You Can Even Skate London In The Wet

me n ben trained it to london

st pancras and kings cross is joined together now me n ben got well confused

we where well worried about tube terrorism

it was sooo wet so southbank was first

basi came and took us to his crib

we had tea and coffie

after we went to this amazing spot in the ghetto

blocks where so perfect

this place was soo dodgey even the old ladies wore trackies

it got dark and this is the last place u wanna be at night

we had pizza back at the flat


tansie and her cousins came

and then so did phil

the next day it was proper sunny and dry

then we got to london bridge and it pissed it down

so we went back to the ghetto and filmed bare stuff
(we also met burne but i didnt take a photo)

the tube back to the flat takes years

me and phil had loads of fried chicken

bye phil see you on the 18th
see phils point of view at blog of peril

the train home took 45 mins longer because it did a de tour

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