Friday, 17 August 2007

Party Spooning and Rotating bezel

mikes new watch had a rotating bezel.. what?

results day for jon

he knew he was gettin it so he wernt that botherd

me and mike drawed this childish picture waiting for jonny

pre party


mike is a pure vicking

curt actually shared


pure partyin

sam ellie and frankie came

lets go fuckin mental

russle just after he got his dick sucked

jon was on it

bathroom photos kill it

maryland trip!!

it was cold

"rosa dont you will get my hoody dirty"

rosa jumping over eves bum

wen we got back ollie was out of it

it went all over the chair

agro louie

we played mallards mallet with drum sticks

everyone tried to go sleep

will pure spooned ella

snorkle wallet?

we must of had 5 mins sleep at the most

morning people

mike put his cock in the hoover

rosa kept anoying me with this

...went home went sleep!

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